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On the 1st of May, the first part of film submissions for the festival ended. Through shortfilm.depot platform 687 film-applications were received. We are thankful for all who submitted the films. Some applicants that wanted to participate in our festival came from Brazil, Iran, Morocco and many other countries. However, it has to be reminded that festival regulations limit the geography of countries that can participate; the festival is for debuting film makers from European countries. Therefore, we are wishing them success in other festivals. Now a crucial part of film screening and selection for the competitive festival program is in process and it will last until 1st of June. On this day the list of movies selected will be announced. We are wishing success for friends and partners of the festival that submitted the films, good luck in the selection process. For those, who will not be selected this time, we will be waiting your films next year. Follow the information on our websites, on Facebook and other sources.  See you at GiDebut Festival

Organizers of GoDebut festival

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