European Film Competition II

DEUTERONOMY 7:20 (Deuteronomio 7:20)

Spain / 2017 / 14 min 52 sec

Director: Marta Piñeiro

Producer: Xabier Macias


 A weekend in the Galician village of Naraío turned out “heavenly” thanks to Gelis.

Powers arisen from Heaven and Earth, the "fear of God" and the Church’s influence over daily life are breezily depicted through the relationships and experiences of this brave woman.


HAPPY TIME (Happy Time)

Germany / 2017 / 8 min 30 sec

Director: Stefan Poßner


Coming home. From the bulkheading outdoors in the bulkheading inside.

Abuse. Distraction. Dazing the loneliness. However, who interferes


It’s the external world that interferes

HIGHER FASTER STRONGER (Higher Faster Stronger)

Latvia / 2016 / 16 min 49 sec

Director: Tīna Zariņa


 Movie ‘‘Higher, faster, stronger’ is about time traveling. About how Gatis wakes up one day and deals with ordinary situations. His reaction is apathetical. In the end of his luckless day he gets beaten. Next morning he realize that he has traveled back in time and it's the same day. This time he will do everything correct, but not as he should do it but as he wishes.


FUCKING BUNNIES (Fucking Bunnies)

Finland / 2017 / 15 min 5 sec

Director: Teemu Niukkainen


Raimo is a middle-aged Finnish man living with his wife in the suburbs of Helsinki.

His comfy middle-class bubble is burst when a Satan-worshipping sex cult moves in next door.

However, the cult leader, Maki, is a very nice and considerate guy, always on the lookout for new friends.

Being oblivious to Raimo’s subtle hints to keep his distance, he volunteers to be his squash partner.

Trying to avoid sharing his squash slot with Maki, Raimo ends up living in a lie that gets him into trouble.



24 DAYS OF TORTURE (24 days of torture)

United Kingdom / 2016 / 2 min 7 sec

Directors: Ines Pagniez, Victoria Jardine


In this short horror parodic trailer, Christopher the advent calendar tries to protect his beloved chocolates over the period.


WHEN THE NEEDLE HITS THE RECORD (Nar nalen rammer pladen)

Denmark / 2017 / 15 min 50 sec

Director: Julie Kaja Prezeb


Thor (23) and Iska (23) have each discovered their sexuality and its power. They are overwhelmed by emotions and sexuality and this crisis affects their relationships with others. Sex is a physical and animalistic ritual and in their search for control, they lose their connection to themselves. They decide to reconnect with their own identities in the hope that they might now be able to meet the world with open hearts.


HABITUATION (Habituation)

Iceland / 2017 / 12 min 58 sec

Director: Bergsveinn Jónsson


For the sake of his marriage, a husband makes a great effort to do his share of the household chores. One day his adult daughter returns home to find the place in an uproar.


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