European Film Competition VII

ARDEA (Ardea)

Ukraine / 2016 / 10 min 43 sec

Director: Mariia Ponomarova


Two loners are running in the park, both are keeping their rhythm and tempo.

Their ways are crossing and the run becoming something more than the regular change of inhaling and exhaling.

However, this run will leave one of them out of breath.


THE PENCIL (Le Crayon)

Switzerland / 2017 / 30 sec

Director: Basile Vuillemin


An unsharp pencil, it's very annoying.


ETERNALLY CHILD (Perjetesisht femije)


Kosovo / 2017 / 12 min 15 sec

Director: Lorena Sopi


 Moni, a ten year-old boy, lives with his father Xhema in great poverty. During a fatal meal, his father Xhema accidentally kills his son. All his life he will live cursed, blaming himself for what happened. In his last days, when he is very old, Xhema returns to the house where the tragedy happened.


THE GIRL (The Girl)

Bulgaria / 2017 / 10 min 29 sec., fiction

Director: Petar Minov

Producer: Georgi Nikolov


An ambulance is called to a deserted quarry to pick up the corpse of a girl. The youngest medic confronts his older colleagues for their cold and inhuman behavior until an unexpected discovery about the body.


YOUNG FISH (Young Fish)


Greece / 2016 / 19 min

Director: Chrisanthos Margonis

Producer: Eleni Kossyfidou


The first day at work a young policeman takes an unexpected turn. Placed in an island with no command and starts searching for a way of escape.



REMEMBER, THOU ART CLAY (Remember, thou art clay)

United Kingdom / 2016 / 8 min 35 sec

Directors: Elvina Nevardauskaite, David Heinemann


Lithuania’s oldest factory breathes life into the next generation of workers and the clay bricks they toil to produce. The decrepit factory, the Sisyphean labour it extracts, presents us with our own mortality.


THE ORCHID (La orquídea)

Spain / 2016 / 3 min

Director: Ferran Navarro-Beltrán

Producer: Josep Amorós


Sometimes the biggest conversations are forced onto voicemail. A surprising father-son tale played across an answering machine.



DIFFERENT BAYERN (Different Bayern)

Germany / 2017 / 25 min

Director: Matthias Koßmehl

Producer: Marvin Rössler


Austin Abasi – professional football player from Ghana – is being sold against his will to a club in Germany. Despite the Bavarian culture clash of the highest order, he has to find a way to prove himself on and off the pitch.


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