French focus: French surprise II

DIRTY SOUTH (Dirty South)

France / 2017 / 25 min

Director: Olivier Strauss

Producers: Vacheret Cécile, Flavien Giorda


In the heart of the summer, two sisters move with their mother into a concrete tower surrounded with farmlands as far as the eye can see.

If Violette, in the innocence of her twelve years, focuses her rising eroticism on Franklin, Isa, the older sister, fights her sadness in one-night stands.


JAILOR (Geôlier)

France / 2016 / 4 min 2 s

Director: Héloïse Ferlay


The jailer stands guard, in his clearing of woman-trees.

He locked his love up here, because he loved her too much, because he wanted her for him. He became her torturer.

But one day, he decides that this love-prison has gone on for long enough...




France / 2017 / 21 min 40 sec

Director: Stéphanie Varela

Producer: Vincent Brançon


July 1971: Christian Ravel, the French pilot, rising star in the motorcycle competition, is heading to Belgium to take part in a Grand Prix. He broke down nearby Niki de Saint Phalle's artist studio. They spend a couple of hours together mixing their universes, just the time of an enchanted interlude.


THE NIGHT I DANCE WITH DEATH (La Nuit Je Danse Avec La Mort)

France / 2017 / 6 min

Director: Vincent Gibaud


Jack is having a party with some friends. Disused, he decides to take a psychedelic drug. With a lighter mind, he enjoys the moment, his belly rejecting his visceral anguish as the evening progress. Arrives the time when he confronts a too big anxiety of which he cannot get rid of.


TROPIC (Tropique)

France / 2016 / 18 min 30 sec

Director: Marion Defer

Producer: Igor Auzépy


Cyril is in love with Cecile, his best friend’s sister. One afternoon, as they are hanging out by the pool, Cyril takes the plunge.


POLITIQUEMENT CORRECT (Politiquement Correct)

France / 2016 / 4 min 24 sec

Director: Thibault Lopes Tome

Producer: Dominique Peyronnet


A young deputy recently graduated from l'ENA made his first steps into the French National Assembly and discovers a place where personnal profits takes precedence over civic duty.


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