GoDebut European Film Festival 2017


Goals and Tasks of the Festival

1. Festival goals. The main goal of the GoDebut EFF 2017 is to create the international film festival-platform among debuting film makers from Europe.
2. Festival tasks:
2.1 To learn about the culture, traditions and history legacy of neighboring countries, to form an identity of The Europe, expand the bonds and cooperation among creative youth, artists, and business people.
2.2. To form the region identity by seeking to find a common ground of ecologic, economic, and cultural issue(s) awareness and their solutions.
2.3. Propagate the European film art, meet the best European debut film makers; to form the region film market with the new film trends.
2.4. To provoke the creativeness and mobility of young people.
2.5. To develop region cultural tourism by publishing and presenting the events of Klaipeda, the Lithuanian Capital of Culture 2017.

I. Festival Organization

1.1. Festival location: Klaipėda – Nida.
1.2. Festival date: 21 - 24 September, 2017.
1.3. Festival organizer: Media Port NGO; Festival Partners: College of the Social Science, Audiovisual Arts Industry Incubator (AMII), Nida Culture and Tourism Information Centre “Agila”.

II. Festival Events Programe

2.1. “GoDebut” festival opening – Klaipėda Concert Hall in 21of September.
2.2. The main film competition programme consists of:
2.2.1. GoDebute European Competition Programmes;
2.2.2. Non-Competition Film Programme: Retrospective “Classic Debut Films”.
2.3. The competition programme occurs in 21 - 24 of September in Klaipeda, 29 - 30 of September in Nida at the Culture and Tourism Information Centre “Agila”.
2.4. Non-Competition Film Programme – Films Retrospective of the debut movie specialists, Klaipeda’s Culture Factory, 22 - 24 of September.
2.5. The best debut films of movie specialists – outdoor movie screen, Klaipeda’s Culture Factory, 22 – 24 of September
2.6. Creative workshop “From Idea to Scenario” – Nida Culture Center AGILA, 23 of September.
2.7. Creative workshop “Criteria of the Film Success” – Klaipeda’s Culture Factory, 22 of September.
2.8. Culture programme of the festival guests – Nida, 23 of September.
2.9. Professionals’ club evening. PROK club, 22 – 24 of September.
2.10. Festival “GoDebut” nominatee awards and closing event – Culture Factory, 24 of September.
2.11. Festival „GoDebut“ afterparty: 24 of September.

III. Festival Regulations

3.1. Festival countries-participants – European countries; Festival participants – art institutes that have the film study program and film institutions, film studios, and producing firms.
3.2. GoDebut European Competition consists of following debute film awards:
Gran Prix - The Best People’s Choice Film of the “GoDebut 2017” Festival Award – Golden Anike’s sculpture, 1000 EUR
Best Debute Short Film – from films with all genres – 6 to 25 minutes with credits. Award – Silver Anike’s sculpture
Best Debute Innovative Award – from films with all genres – up to 5 minutes with credits. Award – Diploma
3.3. Gran Prix – The Best Film of the “GoDebut 2017” Festival is chosen by the public jury (5 people).
3.4. The Best Short Film of the “GoDebut 2017” Festival is chosen by the international jury (5 members), by the majority of the votes. 3.5. The Best Film-Innovation of the “GoDebut 2017” Festival is chosen by the international jury (5 members), by the majority of the votes.
3.6. Films selection criteria:
3.7.1. Films created from the 1 st of January, 2016;
3.7.2. Maximum duration: 25 min
3.7.3. Country of production: European countrys*
3.7.4. Films must be: Debute films**
3.7.5. Accepted genres: All genres
3.7.8. Music rights: cleared
3.7.9. Dialogues: If the dialogue language is not English, preview copy and screening film must be subtitled in English; English dialogues file must be added.
3.8. Screening Film Format:
3.8.1. Resolution: Full HD 1080p.
3.8.2. Format: AppleProRes422 HQ/LT, H264 file, MP4 file (more than 25Mbps).
3.8.3 Sound: Stereo
3.8.4 Frame rate: 24pfps
3.9. Film submission deadline – 1 of May, 2017.
3.9.1. Film selection notification – 1 of June, 2017.
3.9.2. Films must be delivereded until 3 of July, 2017.
3.9.3. Registration fee: no fee
3.9.4. Preview format: uploaded file
European countrys* : Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom (UK)
Debute films** : Graduation Films First film made with professional team First film made with low budget and with professional team

IV. Archive and films usage

4.1. All submitted copies of the films will be automatically registered to the festival archive and the festival will keep them for at least 2 years.
4.1.1. The festival office is responsible for managing these copies and has the right to show them to a third party only for its promotional purpose.
4.1.2. All submitted films are kept in festival’s registered archive and could be screened only for cultural, educational and promotional purpose.
4.1.3. If the festival likes a certain film, we will ask to buy the rights, offering payment and a contract to be signed between the right holder and the festival.

V. Festival Participants

5.1. Festival participants’status:
5.1.1. Festival guests – creative film groups of competition programme up to three (3) members in each (with invitation);
5.1.2. Festival Honor guests – personally invited culture, art, and social members (professionals), non-competition programme’s participants, jury members;
5.1.3. Festival Guests – cultural programme participants.
5.2. Festival participants’maintenance:
5.2.1. Honor guests provided with full maintenance: travel expenses, accommodation;
5.2.2. Festival guests are provided with maintenance accommodation.
5.2.3. Guests – cultural programme’s participants provided with accommodation, honorarium.

Festival “GoDebut 2017” contacts

Festival „GoDebut 2017 “ adress: Bangų g. 5a, LT-91250 Klaipeda, Lithuania 
Festival „GoDebut 2017 “ information info@godebutfest.lt
Executive Director
Kestutis Meškys
Tel.+370 687 32897
Program Director
Peter Murdmaa
Emilija Šimaitė
Tel. 370 671 40138
Paulina Lendraitytė
Tel.+370 642 46733
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