Joint Custody *

Carlus Fábrega | Spain 2017 | Fiction | 5′ 50”

Joint custody is the little story of a brief encounter between Carlos and Carmen to exchange their dear Pablito, whose custody they share. Carlos hasn’t gotten over the breakup yet, and he tries to use Pablo to reconnect with Carmen, although the differences between them are already insurmountable.

About Cinema ***

Denis Prima | Russia 2017 | Fiction | 20′

Five movie novelettes, five leading men, all action is set in five cars: in the process of robbery, Hipsters are engaged in a heated debate about cinema. Producer is doing screen tests, and his car hits Car Thief. A popular Actor gets into Car Thief’s car by chance. Policeman drives Actor to a filming location at the cemetery where Actor performs his best role.

The Tape **

Serkan Fakılı | Turkey 2018 | Fiction | 16′ 44”

The story of little Kenan, who takes the batteries of his father’s azan-playing alarm clock to listen to the tape in the tapeplayer he found in the woodshed of their house.

A Gift **

Marta Aleksandra Przybysz | Poland 2018 | Fiction | 5′ 44

Woman in gloves receives a mysterious gift. What is in the box?

Don’t Wake **

Evgeniia Golikova | Estonia 2018 | Animation | 6′ 15”

A man spent most of his life in a prison.His body fully covered with tattoos, which says plenty about his criminal past and high authority status. But at one point, the time came to leave the prison… Would it be easy for the inmate to leave his comfort Zone?

Joy **

Andrius Bartkus | Lithuania 2018 | Fiction | 6′ 20”

A Tinder date takes a crappy turn for a local Casanova.

  • * Innovative Film Award nominee
  • ** Short Film Award nominee
  • *** Novella Film Award nominee