Mascarpone **

Jonas Riemer | Germany 2018 | Fiction | 14′

Francis, the dreamy film projectionist, accidentally crashes into the limousine of gangster boss Mascarpone. Suddenly he finds himself in a mobster film. Francis ́ dog Farfalle is taken hostage by Mascarpone’s gang and Francis is being forced to stand guard at their next bank robbery. When the coup fails he has to rescue his dog and conquer the heart of the film diva Vivien.

The Theft **

Anna Nevander, Louise Nevander | Sweden 2017 | Documentary | 14′ 57”

An anthropologist travels to the island of Samoa, where private property does not exist, to study its economic system, which she admires. Barely arrived at the hotel, her clothes get stolen. Sea turtles, Samoan Idol winners, the Prime Minister of Samoa and a tsunami all wait to get in her way.

Vitamin C **

Guðný Rós Þórhallsdóttir | Iceland 2017 | Fiction | 10′ 56”

Two young girls collect items for a raffle they say is in support of chronically ill children – when they’re really spending the profits on what they love the most: Vitamin C effervescent tablets.

Lust of Hunt *

Monta Andzejevska | Latvia 2018 | Animation | 4′ 04”

The routine of an online computer game player is disrupted by another player. The main character abandons the rules of game to retain the new friendship.

Tex ***

Jonas Smulders | Netherlands 2017 | Fiction | 18′ 20”

When Tex catches her sworn enemy with the boy she loves, she sets out to take revenge.

Trahere **

Atila Urbančič, Jus Jeraj | Slovenia 2017 | Documentary | 10′

Among idyllic hills and the bluest of skies live men and their tractors. Trahere is a film about just that, the age old bond between man and tractor.

  • * Innovative Film Award nominee
  • ** Short Film Award nominee
  • *** Novella Film Award nominee