Transports Davignon ***

Chaudouet Yves | France 2017 | Fiction | 27′ 30”

In his house as regular as clockwork, the attention of Louis is suddenly got by a stroller whom he considers misled. The young woman is in reality one of “His” Domesticate that he notices only because she changed status.

Success **

Valentin Suntsov | Russia 2018 | Fiction | 7′ 36

What’s it like to wake up successful one day? Your movements are precise, your eyes project confidence, you wear expensive clothes and an expensive watch, drive a posh car… Is this success yet?

Contact **

Mari Kivi | Estonia 2018 | Animation | 4′ 51”

The instinctive need for the contact has created an addictive relationship, what helps to keep up the endless washing cycle.

Bacchus **

Rikke Alma Krogshave Planeta | Denmark 2018 | Animation | 5′ 08”

Alex, a young woman bored with modern life, is lured by Bacchus into a colorful and mysterious world to explore her deepest desires.

Azimut **

Emiliana Santoro | Italy 2017 | Documentary | 15′

Rome, 2016. In the outskirts of Rome, buildings speak of melancholy and distance. Away from the earth, away from the sky.Clementina, Mario the fisherman, Jacopo. Time and Nature. Solitudes and buildings.This is Azimut: life that flows behind the walls.

Maria **

Giovanni Rustanto | Czech Republic 2018 | 10′ 20”

A quiet young girl has a dispute with her mother. She decides to enter the monastery to become a nun. Upon her arrival, she is given a new name, Maria, and a mysterious past is brought out along the way revealing the history behind her rebellious acts.

  • * Innovative Film Award nominee
  • ** Short Film Award nominee
  • *** Novella Film Award nominee