France 2017 | Animation | 3′ 44
Adrien Cappai, Chloé Mille, Valentin Tuil

In an abandoned warehouse, an artist is creating a mural, concentrated in his art, he doesn’t realize that behind him, a surrealistic scene occuring.


France 2018 | Fiction | 7′ 25”
Alexis Lopez, Jérémie Lopez

While on patrol in a Middle Eastern country, a western army squad stops for a while in the village of Iqmarba.

The Endless

France 2017 | Fiction | 3′ 44”
Edouard Calemard, Corentin Gravend, Claire Le Teuff, Nicolas Lourme, Romaric Vivier, Mikel Zuloaga

At the top of a tower high above the clouds, a technician is drawn towards a mysterious phenomenon in the sky.

Pas À Pas

“France 2017 | Fiction | 7′ 28”
Les Simones”

Tom, a young burglar, steals a doll on behalf of a dangerous psychopath. While he has forgotten the anniversary of their meeting and without any other solution, he offers the doll to his girlfriend.”

The Island Keeper

France 2017 | Fiction | 5′ 03”
Aude Cabannes, Julien Malot, Charlotte Pipet

A man escaped from a prison on an island and what happens when he comes face to face with the island keeper.

The Prime of Life

France 2017 | Fiction | 13′ 24”
Quentin Lecocq

Jean and Maria, a retired couple, were living peacefully in the middle of nowhere, when three maintenance technicians arrived at their home. Nothing to worry about, but Jean is suspicious. He takes them in his sights. Maybe these men are not who they pretend to be…


“France 2018 | Animation | 3′ 48”
Thomas Anglade, Maxime Announ, Lucie Dessertine, Estelle Saint-jours”

Sergio, an old and solitary fisherman, takes out the heavy artillery to avenge a pelican.

Ten Minutes Tops

France 2018 | Fiction | 6′ 58”
Antoine de Bujadoux

A man and a woman are face to face at a table. They have tenminutes and things to say to each other…


France 2017 | Animation | 7′ 13”
Clément Lauricella, Kimberly Honma, Arthur Seguin

Barney lives with his father, Walter, in a little suburban house. He tries to live a normal life eventhough Barney is different: his sense of gravity is inverted.

Demo Reel

France 2018 | Fiction | 13′ 25
Benoît Lelong

Samir is a Belgian comedian, resourceful, charismatic, but accustomed to complications. He will achieve his goals by every means like getting a job in an agent until he was asked to bring his demo tape.


France 2017 | Fiction | 5′ 26”
Manon Ghys, Victoria Léger, Nathan Rémy, William Steiner

“Arthur, is a neurotic and shy young man. One day, he is faced with a problem: his case of cello is too big to go into the trunk of his car.