Milda Baginskaite | UK, England 2017 | Fiction | 18′ 10”

When a young village misfit starts a job at a local apple orchard, the already cold relationship with his grandfather is challenged.

Where Things, Where People Disappear

Jore Janaviciute | Lithuania 2017 | Fiction | 20′

Domas is a kleptomaniac. He works in a sports club through a re-integration program which helps people with mental disorders to return to society. One day he does not manage to resist and steals a bag from a young doctor Simona, who is living through an existential crisis. She asks his help to find her things. Domas feels ashamed, but he cannot confess. He offers her a ride home. Together they go on a journey through the night in Vilnius, their painful experiences reveal as well as a fragile, but at the same time impossible connection between them sets up.

Möbius Bond

Emilija Riviere | Lithuania 2017 | Fiction | 15′

A girl experiences strange body symptoms, which become an evidence of a Mobius-like topology of the Universe.

Syndromes of Mimicry

Anastasija Piroženko | Lithuania 2017 | Fiction | 17′ 56′

What could possibly link a wedding musician that mindlessly recites popular Western melodies, a mute black man delivering flowers, and a peculiar yoga class ? Those are the syndromes of mimicry – the imitation of the Western concepts that occurred in Lithuania after regaining its independence.