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GoDebut European Film Festival 2018

Festival Goals and Tasks

Festival goal. The main goal of the GoDebut EFF 2018 is to create the international film festival-platform among debuting film makers from Europe.

Festival tasks:

  • Learn about the culture, traditions and historic legacy of European countries, expand the bonds and cooperation among creative youth, artists, and business people.
  • Form EU identity by seeking a common ground of ecologic, economic, and cultural issue(s) awareness and their solutions.
  • Propagate the European film art, meet the best European debut film makers; to form a regional film market with new film trends.
  • Strengthen the economic potential of creative industries, Europe and the Baltic Countries.
  • Encourage the creativity and mobility of young people.
  • Develop a regional tourism by presenting Klaipeda as an innovative city which is open for new ideas from the world.

I Festival Organisation

Festival location: Culture Factory (Bangu st. 5A, Klaipeda 91250, Lithuania).
Festival date: 26-30 September, 2018.
Festival organiser: Media Port NGO; Festival Partners: College of the Social Science, Audiovisual Arts Industry Incubator (AMII), Port of Klaipeda and Neringa Gymnasium.
Festival patron – The Mayor of Klaipeda Mr. Vytautas Grubliauskas.
Festival committee – three representatives of Lithuanian society and culture.
Festival administration:

⦁ Head of the Project
⦁ Creative Director
⦁ Administrator
⦁ International Communication Coordinator
⦁ Public Relations Coordinator
⦁ Technical Administrator

II Festival Events Programme

“GoDebut” FESTIVAL OPENING: 26th of September, The Culture Factory.

Main program:

  • European Competition Programme of various short film categories: feature, documentary and animation. 27-29 September, Culture Factory.
  • Non-competition film programme to mark the 100th anniversary of the restoration of an independent State of Lithuania: “Klaipėda in Documentary”. Presenting films of festival partners AMMI workshop “NordBaltic Incubator“. 27 September, Culture Factory.
  • Non-competition film programme of the festival guest – Swedish cinema “Film Retrospective to Mark the 100-year Anniversary of Ingmar Bergman’s Birth”. Documentary “Trespassing Bergman”, 2013 (Hynek Pallas, Jane Magnusson). 28 September, Culture Factory.
  • Competition Programme of Lithuanian short debut films. 28 September, Culture Factory.
    • Non-Competition Programme “For cinema gourmet: French cinema” – the retrospective of French cinema classics. 27-30 September, Svyturys Brewery.
    • Workshop for youth: “Picture comes to life“. Lecturer Martina Meštrovič (Croatia),
      28 September, Neringa Gymnasium.
    • Creative workshop: “Montage. How to create film’s ‘soul’?” Lecturer Tomáš Doruška (Czech Republic). 29 September, Culture Factory/Cinema Gallery.
    • Panel discussions. 27-29 September, Culture Factory.
    • Non-Competition French program (French Mood). 29 September, Culture Factory.
    • Cultural program for festival guests in Nida and Klaipeda. 29 September.
    • Professionals PROK club evening. 27-29 September, Svyturys Brewery.
    • Winners Award Ceremony. 29 September, Culture Factory.
    • Festival “After-Party“. 29 September, Svyturys Brewery.
    • Festival CLOSING. 30 September, Culture Factory.
    • Special festival PROJECT – SPHERICAL CINEMA. 26-30 September, Culture Factory

III Festival Regulations

Festival participant countries – European countries. Festival participants – art institutes with film studies program, film institutions, film studios, and film production firms.
For the European Short Film Competition Programme films may be submitted in various genres (feature, documentary, animation).

  • Innovative films category – length 1-5 min.
  • Short Film category – length 6-15 min.
  • Novella films – length 20-30 min.

For the Lithuanian Debut Short Film Competition, films can be submitted in various genres. Length: 0-30 min.

“GoDebut 2018” Competition Awards

Go Debut 2018 Grand Prix – Golden Anike’s sculpture, 1000 EUR
GoDebut 2018 Public Choice – Silver Anike’s sculpture, 700 EUR
Go Debut 2018 Best Novella Film Award – Diploma, 500 EUR
Go Debut 2018 Best Short Film Award – Diploma, 500 EUR.
Go Debut 2018 Best Innovative Film Award – Diploma, 300 EUR
The Best Lithuanian “GoDebut 2018” Film – Golden Bollard

Grand Prix – The Best Film of “GoDebut 2018” Festival is chosen by international jury (5 members).
The Best “GoDebut 2018” People’s Choice Short Film is chosen by public jury (5 members) by the majority of votes.
The Best “GoDebut 2018” Film – Innovation, Short film, Novella Film is chosen by international jury (5 members) by the majority of votes.
The Best Lithuanian “GoDebut 2018” Film is chosen by public jury (5 members) by the majority of votes.

IV Festival Participants

Festival participants’ status:

  • Festival Honour guests – personally invited members (professionals) from culture, art, non-competition programme’s participants, jury members.
  • Festival Guests – creative film groups of competition programme up to three (2) members in each (with invitation).
  • Festival Participants/Guests – participants of creative workshops or film industry events, representatives of the press – registered guests.

Provision for Festival participants:

  • Honour Guests – travel expenses, accommodation and catering services are covered by festival organisers.
  • Festival guests – provided with accommodation for 3 days (other expenses are paid by guests).
  • Registered Participants/Guests – accommodation for 3 days with discounts (other expenses are paid by guests).
  • All festival guests and participants must register in official Go Debut festival website:

European countries*: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia (FYROM), Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom (UK).

Debut films**:
Go Debut EFF considers film a ‘debut film’ when director’s previous films (if any made,) have not been awarded nor specially mentioned at any festival.