26 – 30 September, Klaipeda – Nida

26 September (Wednesday)

9:30-14:00  Guests registration. CF I floor foyer
12:00  Press conference. CF cinema gallery
19:00  FESTIVAL OPENING CEREMONY. Animation about cinema history – “1895”. Dir. Priit Pärn, Janno Põldma (1997, Estonia, 30 min.). CF main cinema hall; after ceremony – alternative music concert with Elizabete Balcus (Latvia). Svyturys Brewery/gastro lounge

27 September (Thursday)

16:00  Panel discussion: “From idea to film. Inspirational story“. Lecturer Nik Powell (Great Britain, duration 1h). CF cinema gallery
17:00  Non-competition films program „Klaipeda in Documentary“- presentation of “NordBaltic Incubator“ films. CF cinema hall
19:00  European Competition I. CF cinema hall
21:00  European Competition II. CF cinema hall
21:00  Program for French cinema gourmet. “The Chef”/ Comme un chef (2012, Dir. Daniel Cohen, Culinary comedy, 84 min.). Svyturys Brewery/gastro lounge. Before the film – French cuisine culture presentation with a special guest – honorary consul in Klaipeda Mr. Olivier Criou. 
23:00  PROK Club. Švyturys Brewery/gastro lounge

28 September (Friday)

09:30  Cultural program for guests – sightseeing tour in Nida – one of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Meeting at the Old Ferry Terminal
12:00  Workshop for youth: “Picture comes to life“. Lecturer Martina Mestrovic (Croatia, duration 2h.). Gymnasium of Neringa
17:00  Panel discussion “Festival strategies and publicity“. Lecturer Enrico Vannucci (Italy, duration 1 h.). CF cinema gallery
17:00  Lithuanian Films Competition. CF cinema hall
19:00  100-year Anniversary of Ingmar Bergman’s Birth. Documentary “Trespassing Bergman”, (2013, Dir. Hynek Pallas, Jane Magnusson, 107 min.). CF cinema gallery
19:00  European Competition III. CF cinema hall
21:00  European Competition IV. CF cinema hall
21:00  Program for French cinema gourmet. ”The Big Feast”/La Grande Bouffe (1973, Dir. Marco Ferreri. Drama, 130 min.). Svyturys Brewery/gastro lounge
23:00  PROK Club. Svyturys Brewery/gastro lounge

29 September (Saturday)

12:00  Cultural program for guests – boat trip around The Curonian Lagoon. Meeting at Cruise ship terminal
15:00  European Competition V. CF cinema hall
16:00  Creative workshop: “Montage. How to create film’s ‘soul’?” Lecturer Tomáš Doruška (Czech Republic, duration 2h). CF cinema gallery
17:00  European Competition VI. CF cinema hall
19:00  Non-competition French films program “French Mood”. Curated by Peter Murdmaa. Guest speakers Antoine de Bujadoux and Laure Goasguen. CF cinema hall
21:00  WINNERS AWARD CEREMONY. CF cinema hall
21:00  Program for French cinema gourmet. The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie”/Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie (1972, Dir. Luis Buñuel. Comedy, drama, 102 min.). Svyturys Brewery/gastro lounge
23:00  Festival “After-Party“. Svyturys Brewery/gastro lounge

30 September (Sunday)



21:00  Program for French cinema gourmet. “The Secret of the Grain” / La Graine et le mulet (2007, Drama. Dir. Abdellatif Kechiche, 151 min.). Svyturys Brewery/gastro lounge

*  Special festival PROJECT – SPHERICAL CINEMA. Takes place on 26-30 of September from 12 to 7 pm. Culture Factory.


CF cinema hall – Culture factory cinema hall (Bangu st. 5A Klaipeda)

CF I floor foyer – Culture factory I floor foyer (Bangu st. 5A Klaipeda)

CF cinema gallery – Culture factory cinema gallery (Bangu st. 5A Klaipeda)

Svyturys Brewery – Svyturys beer factory (Kulių Vartu st. 7, Klaipeda)

Cruise ship terminal (Pilies st. 4, Klaipeda)

Gymnasium of Neringa (G. D. Kuverto st. 12, Neringa)


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