Go Debut

European Film Festival "Go Debut"

The European Film Festival GoDebut is an international film forum presenting the best works of future film professionals and film school graduates from all over Europe. The aim of the festival is to promote the activities and creativity of young and debuting filmmakers in European countries. We aim to create a platform where filmmakers can present their films and successfully integrate into the film industry. Participants can present and develop their ideas, establish contacts, find partners and participate in educational events led by already recognized filmmakers and experts.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic situation, this year’s festival is held on 17th-19th of December. The townspeople, guests of the city and the participants of the festival will be able to enjoy debut films of various genres, engaging and surprising with their creative ingenuity, unexpected plots and themes.

STEP FURTHER NOW is what we encourage both current and future film professionals and people sympathetic to cinema. The hardest step is to take the first step. So, we can do it together: share our plans and dreams in a group of like-minded people and make new acquaintances, or maybe just make friends and have a good time. The biggest jobs start with the step forward, right?

Festival Director:

Kęstutis Meškys
+370 687 32897

Executive Director:

Alfredas Pumpulis
+370 629 10592

Program Director:

Vaida Kazlauskaitė


International Relations:

Rokas Valadka
+370 60978697


Andželika Rimkuvienė
+370 68603830


Monika Grikštaitė